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The Gourd plant has been described as one of natures greatest gifts to mankind.  Of all known plants, the gourd is the only one experts believe spanned the entire globe in prehistoric times. It appears as one of the first cultivated plants in regions throughout the world and was used by all cultures in the temperate and tropical zones.

During these early times, gourds were mainly used as vessels and containers. Through their diverse use, they also became decorated items. They played  significant roles in the origins of myths by various cultures, especially in Asia. The cultural nuance depends on the decorations and embellishments.

Today's contemporary Gourd Artists demonstrate - as was many centuries ago - the artist's own talent and cutural perspective. In combining this with the gourds unique shape and texture, an astonishing marriage of art and nature takes place.

Be inspired, be creative and enjoy.

About Gourd Art 

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